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Mariner Makeover Crew

The Mariner Makeover Crew is comprised of parents, staff, students and community members.  Our school proudly first opened its doors in 1954.  1000s of students have come through out gates and gone on to wonderfully successful lives.  For a school that is 65 years old we are still going strong - especially with the current construction and renovation work.  It can fairly be said that, even with the millions of dollars that Inglewood Unified is investing in our school and community, there is still much to do.  This is where the Mariner Makeover Crew comes in!  This group takes on projects to help us continue the drive to make our school be the best that it can be.  We are proud to have such involved, willing and capable partners working to make our school the most welcoming, safe and fun learning environment that it can be.  
To be part of our Mariner Makeover Crew please contact our Community Liaison, Mrs. Kenmoria Woodson, or our principal, Mr. Stuart Caldwell.