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Together we share a vision for all of our Woodworth-Monroe TK-8th Academy students to experience excellence in our 21st century setting.

The merging of Clyde Woodworth Elementary, Imagine Learning Magnet, and Albert Monroe Magnet Middle School into a new Academy does not necessarily mean a brand new school. Rather, they become a different school; the best of two becomes one.

The melding of two schools into a TK-8th grade configured campus focused on increasing the number of under-represented scholars in colleges and in the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts and Math (STEAM) means that two distinct learning communities with STEAM synergies have the potential to be one greater whole…all whilst shoring up and retaining the best aspects that both schools have to offer.

The educational practices that have delivered success, as well as the familiar faces on campuses that have spent years educating, counseling, and overseeing the progress of students will be a part of our collective community success.

What we strive for in our vision is the articulation and alignment of people, best practices, and processes that have driven past successes: that is, developing a coherent, theme-based approach to preparing Woodworth-Monroe students, our students—for high school, and to prepare students to successfully compete in post-secondary endeavors on the worldwide stage in a variety of measurable ways.

Every subject has its unique set of challenges. But with caring, effective, seasoned educators and adults all on the same page, those challenges can be encountered, mitigated and even solved. With adherence to a clear set of Habits, Rituals and Routines, with high expectations for all learners, Writing to Learn, asking and answering questions (Inquiry), and where appropriate, student Collaboration with their peers in problem-solving, literacy skills acquisition, along with Organization and Reading to Learn, skills students need to be taught, students will be able to function more effectively.

These five AVID learning support structures, along with specific teaching and learning methodologies, are referred to as W-I-C-O-R strategies; and with school-wide adherence to their practice, students will experience consistency from one grade level and teacher to the next. This will support the overall academic growth and development of Woodworth-Monroe TK-8th Academy students.

With the technology already in place, assessments will be valuable tools that inform instruction, continuous improvement, and for clarifying areas of both understanding and confusion. The data generated from testing technology will deliver a wealth of information to better target areas that need to be revisited by the teacher, along with those areas where mastery has been met. Regular benchmark assessments given by both math and English departments, and aligned with California Common Core State Standards, chart progress throughout the school year, again in areas showing mastery and those which require further instruction.

Together we share a vision for all of our Woodworth-Monroe TK-8th Academy students to thrive.