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Principal's Message

Greetings – Woodworth – Monroe TK-8thAcademy Families, Community and Friends!

I am filled with anticipation for a wonderful partnership and extremely enthusiastic to join you in the pursuit of academic innovativeness for our children.

Just like you, I am very passionate about quality education for our kids, and have a genuine understanding that each child has something uniquely special to offer the world. From my point of view, the role of any great school is to actually be the place that facilitates the amazing learning journey for all children.

At Woodworth – Monroe TK-8thAcademy, we share core values dictating that after safety, families and community are of the greatest priority! As principal, please also know, that I truly value and recognize the critical communication opportunities between school, community and home as a measure of our collective success. I will therefore look forward to all of the collaborative efforts we will be sure to engage in while hosting an environment of rigor without limits for the kids.

My approach toward leading a cohesive system at our site will absolutely align with our IUSD Strategic Plan, through the Four Pillars. I will support rigorous and culturally responsive teaching and learning, through an open and transparent method of communication. I will nurture strong relationships with family and community, by ensuring they are a part of our action plans toward success. I will encourage, develop, and expand talent via collaboration to sustain effective teaching and leading in all aspects of staff, students, family and community. I will ensure that our voices and choices remain relevant to the data at hand, as we pursue goals together.

Together, as we embark upon our next steps, I invite you to stop by for a face-to-face introduction, to share dreams, share concerns, share solutions, share accolades, share a joke, or simply to share a hello.  My open door policy is real and I am eager to contribute to the rich Woodworth – Monroe TK-8thAcademy legacy together.

Warmest Regards In Partnership,

Renee Williams