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Hello Mariner Families.  Thank you for your patience in these unique times.  Your and your family’s health and well-being are at the forefront of your minds and actions.  In the interest of maintaining the continuity of learning we are providing you with the email contact information for your teachers.  We hope that you find this helpful.

Hola, Familia Mariners.  Gracias por su pasiencias en estos tiempos tan dificultosos.  Su salud y el beinestar de su familia y la suya estan a la varguardia de sus mentes y acciones.  El interés de mantener la continuidad del aprendizaje, le proporcionamos la informaciόn de contacto por correo electrόnico de sus maestros.  Esperamos que le sea ύtil.

LN FN Grade/Subject Email
Mittleman Dawn Kindergarten dawn.mittleman@inglewoodusd.com 
Levi Karen Kindergarten karen.levi@inglewoodusd.com 
Orlnczky Thomas 1st Thomas.orliczky@inglewoodusd.com 
Diaz Lillian 1st lillian.diaz@inglewoodusd.com  
Thompson Laura 2nd laura.thompson@inglewoodusd.com 
Manning James 2nd james.manning@inglewoodusd.com 
Jefferson Nicole 3rd nichole.jefferson@inglewoodusd.com 
Jackson Pearl 3rd pearl.branch@inglewoodusd.com 
Armstrong Laurinda 4/5 Combo laurinda.armstrong@inglewoodusd.com 
Kudron Mayra 4/5 Combo mayra.kudron@inglewoodusd.com 
Johnson LaShawnda 4/5 Combo lashawnda.johnson@inglewoodusd.com
Okonkwo Rosemary Mod/Severe K-1 rosemary.okonkwo@inglewoodusd.com 
Avery Nemisia Mod/Severe 4-5 nemesia.avery@inglewoodusd.com 
Nadozie Angela Mod/Severe 2-3 angela.nadozie@inglewoodusd.com 
Lingoa-Lingoa Gloria Elementary RSP gloria.lingao-lingao@inglewoodusd.com 
Riley Demaurio Elementary SDC Demaurio.riley@inglewoodusd.com 
Cruz Jorge Secondary math Jorge.cruz@inglewoodusd.com 
Raschilla Nick Secondary math and Social Studies nicholas.raschilla@inglewoodusd.com 
Herman Viviene Secondary ELA Viviene.herman@inglewoodusd.com 
Cherry Debbie Secondar ELA and EL deborah.cherry@inglewoodusd.com 
Wright Charles Seconday Social Studies charles.wright@inglewoodusd.com 
Russell Shanika Secondar Science/PTLW/MESA shanika.russell@inglewoodusd.com 
Marev Stefan Seconary Science Stefan.marev@inglewoodusd.com 
Bouch Chris Secondary PE christopher.bouch@inglewoodusd.com 
Blanco Victor Secondary SDC victor.blanco@inglewoodusd.com 
Byod Patricia Secondary SDC patricia.boyd@inglewoodusd.com 
Heiman Shiela Grade 6 Mod/Severe sheila.heiman@inglewoodusd.com 
Loverich Joe Secondary RSP Joseph.loverich@inglewoodusd.com 
Obregon Desiree Secondary RSP Desiree.obregon@inglewoodusd.com 
Rowe Steve Grade 6 SDC stephen.rowe@inglewoodusd.com 
Tate Rosemary Intervention Teacher Rosemary.tate@inglewoodusd.com 
Winslow Chantelle Instructional Coach Chantelle.winslow@inglewoodusd.com 
Caldwell Stuart Principal stuart.caldwell@inglewoodusd.com
O'Grady Alyssa Assistant Principal alyssa.ogrady@inglewoodusd.com 
Domacena Eve Counselor eve.domacena@inglewoodusd.com
Willis Erica Office Manager erica.willis@inglewoodusd.com
Stewart Harriett Clerk Typist II (attendance & registration harriett.stewart@inglewood.com
Daire Demetria Nurse demetria.daire@inglewoodusd.com
Camerena Lucy Program Aide (attendance) lucy.camerena@inglewoodusd.com
Lagos Morena Data Processor morena.lagos@inglewoodusd.com
Armstrong Faye Cafeteria Manager faye.armstrong@inglewoodusd.com

Nina Dozier Hello Everyone! My name is Nina Dozier and I am a Special Education Teacher here at Monroe Middle School. I enjoy teaching students with special needs for I am very patient and dedicated to ensuring that my students grow and realize their potential. With the appropriate strategy and tools, every student can reach their dreams and goals. I grew up in the San Fernando Valley where I received a Health Science degree from California State University, Northridge. After graduation, I spent many years working as a substitute teacher with LACOE. I look forward to an outstanding and exciting new year. 
James Manning Hello Mariner parents and community! My name is Mr. Manning and I teach second grade at Woodworth-Monroe TK-8 school.  I have been a teacher in the state of California for twenty-one years. I have been in the Inglewood District for 15 of those years.  I have taught mainly grades fourth through sixth. This is my second year in grade two.  I look forward to working with you to help get our students off to a good start in life and master the academic journey we will travel this year!
Nicholas Raschilla Aloha, my name is Mr. Raschilla! I have been teaching in IUSD since 2007. I have taught at Kelso and here at Woodworth-Monroe. I have earned a Master's Degree and have 3 teaching credentials. My teaching philosophy is simple: Have fun when learning! Fun fact: I love all the Boston sports teams! Ciao!
Eiji Saito Saito, Eiji is a Mathematics Teacher at Woodworth Monroe Tk8th Academy in Inglewood, where he has been in the School District for 14 years. He was born in a small snowy city of Japan and spent his life with his parents, one older brother and younger sister for 19 years. When he was 20 years old, He came to the U.S. to study in college and he received his B.S., major in Mathematics and Minor in Physics from Metropolitan State University of Colorado in Denver. After his schooling, he moved to California in 1990 for his work as a Quality and reliability Engineer in Irvine, California. He has been married for 20 years and currently living in Lakewood, California. He has no children but encountered many in his classroom to take care and to study together.