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For our 8th Graders - Q&A - School is still in session

Hello Mariner 8th graders,


One of your peers sent me some great questions that are relevant to all 8th grade students.  I am copying her questions and my responses below as I think many of you probably have the same questions.  


Please know that you, and all students and families may always reach out to me and/or your teachers directly via email.  I hope that you and your family are staying safe and healthy.


My daughter is in the exact same boat you are (well similar).  She is a senior in high school and suddenly all of her senior activities are canceled.  I feel your, and all of our 8th grader's pain and anxiety personally.  We want to be able to celebrate your achievements and send you off to the next stage in your educational careers with flourish, hope and celebration.  I want for you to know that we (here I mean the collective "we" of myself and all district leadership) are working on just how we can do that in the current circumstances.  We must keep you and our staff safe.  I will let you know more as things develop.  


Meanwhile, here are the answers to your questions (answers in blue):


First, Will us students repeat the same grade? No, absolutely not. Our physical buildings are closed but school is still in session.  Please make sure that you are checking in and doing what your teachers ask for you to do regularly.


Secondly, Since our honor roll is cancelled completely, will we get our certificates, medals, and trophies?  Honor Roll is something that is earned.  It is based upon GPA.  Though we will not have a physical ceremony on site, we will still make sure that our students who qualify are recognized.  We are still working out how this will happen.  I will share more in the coming weeks.


Did we all pass? I'm not sure what this question means.  As school is still in session (though it is now online) it would be impossible to provide an answer as the second semester of your 8th grade year is still in progress.  


8th grade year was a thing I was looking forward to. Since it's not going to happen anymore, how are we going to get our diplomas? 8th grade, like all grades, is still happening.  It has moved from the physical campus to online.  All students must be checking in with their teachers and doing the work that was assigned.  I know that you are a diligent student.  Please keep up the good work!  With regard to Promotion Certificates, we are working out how these will be distributed for those students who earn them.  A lot will depend upon where things are in our state with the Coronavirus crisis.  We may do a drive-up hand-off, like we do for our Food Distribution.  We may mail out certificates; me may do something as yet to be determined.


What if we paid for our 8th grade package, will we get it? I think it'll be smart just to give us our photos, yearbook, and the rest of our stuff. We deserve it and i think the schools should mail it or have a drive thru for all our stuff (honor roll, 8th grade package..Etc)  Clearly the bulk of the 8th grade activities are canceled at this point.  We cannot, and will not have an 8th grade field trip.  I am very sad about this.  My own daughter is experiencing this and it tears at my heart.  The alternative is that we are doing our best to keep her, you and all students in CA as safe as we can.  I'd rather have her and you healthy than bring folks together, exposing them to the physical danger of this virus.  We are working on what the 8th grade package will look like and how and when to get folks who paid refunds. 


We do need our diplomas and transcripts in order to enter high school. How are you guys going to do that? Please see above.  High schools and colleges are all in the same place as we are (e.g., they aren't having folks show up to get the paperwork that would be usual for promotions and graduations).  As these processes are worked out I will communicate the plans with all of our 8th graders.


Also, are we having virtual classes? Virtual classes have been happening since we shut the physical site.  Mr. Russell, Mr. Cruz, Ms. Birch, Mr. Saito, Mrs. Herman, Mr. Goldman, Mr. Wright and Mr. Bouch have all posted things in Google Classroom.  I hope that you and all of our students are checking with their teachers regularly.  You can always email them when and if you have questions.  Our 8th grade teachers' emails are as follows:



I really hope someone can respond to this with some answers.  I want to thank you for your questions.  I hope that the above is helpful.


Please feel free to reach out if I may be of any further help.




Stuart Caldwell, J.D.

Principal, Woodworth-Monroe TK-8 

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Inglewood Unified School District

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