Woodworth-Monroe TK-8 Uniforms

School Uniforms are important for several reasons.  First, and foremost the help us with student safety.  It’s easier to recognize that a child belongs on our campus if they are in uniform.  Secondly, our uniforms promote school pride.  And finally, uniforms help to keep our students focused on things other than what they are wearing.  Please see attached for more information.


All students are required to adhere to the Student Uniform/Dress Code Policy on a daily basis. Students’ clothing and personal hygiene must not cause a distraction to school activities, create a hazard to the safety of others, and/or invade the rights of others. At no time, may students alter the intended wear of their clothing.  The IUSD district dress code applies to all students.  Below are some helpful unique requirements for Woodworth-Monroe TK-8.





Must be SOLID gray polo style shirts with sleeves and a visible collar, or any Woodworth-Monroe-created spirit wear, or college shirt on college spirit days. Shirts must fit the body appropriately, not be oversized or too tight. All undershirts must also be SOLID gray.




Must be dark blue; fit well enough to be kept up without a belt. N

sagging. No jeans. No cargo shorts. Tights and leggings are NOT considered pants. 



Shorts must touch the bottom of your longest finger when your arm is fully extended and may NOT be cut-offs. There must be a sewn hem in all shorts and pants.


Jackets/ Sweatshirts

Jackets must be free of distracting pictures, patterns, logos, or words. Jackets and sweatshirts may not be

 oversized. Woodworth-Monroe Intermediate apparel is always acceptable. 






Belt buckles must be free of any initials or inappropriate insignias.                             



For safety, good athletic shoes are recommended.  Shoes must be closed toe.

No slippers, slipper boots, platform shoes, moccasins or sandals.  Red shoes

are not permitted.  No red or blue shoe strings. 



Piercings / Plugs

For safety reasons spiked earrings and hoops may NOT be larger than a quarter. Additionally, any piercings considered unsafe or distracting by the administration are not be allowed.


Gang Related Attire

In the interest of everyone’s safety, students are not permitted to wear any attire that is or may be considered Gang Attire (as identified by district and law enforcement).  These items include, but are not limited to:  Rags, or bandanas of any color, Gang related lettering on any clothing or backpacks


Students may not wear any head coverings, hats, caps, beanies, hairnets, hair rollers, or dew-rags.






College Wednesdays

Every Day is Spirit Day

Each Friday, all students may wear shirts,

sweatshirts or jackets that represent any college or university, provided the rules described above, and in the IUSD dress code pages are followed.

Students must still wear their regular uniform pants on these days.

Every day each week, all students may wear shirts that represent Woodworth-Monroe school clubs and activities. Students must still wear their regular uniform pants on these days.